• Common HP Printer Error Codes and its Solutions


    Printer is a peripheral device which is used for printing purpose. But After sometime some kind of error occurs in printer which decreases the efficiency of printer. If you are a user of HP printer then stay stick to this post. Here you will be able to know common HP printer codes and its solutions.

    Below we mention the most common HP printer Error code and its solution:

    Code 69.x Error

    Cause of Code 69.x Error – This kind of error indicate problem of temporary printer glitch.

    Solution of Code 69.x Error -To fix this kind of error first you have to turn off your printer then again turn it on. This step will reset the software configurations and power settings and fixes the error successfully.

    Error Code 10

    Cause of Error Code 10 – This kind of error associated with Supplies Memory Error. This kind of error depends on Printer’s model.

    Solution of Error Code 10 - If you want to fix this kind of error then Turn off the printer first then turn it ON again to reset the memory as well as power settings. If After performing this step problem is persist then you have to replace the printer memory chip.

    Error Code 21

    Cause of Error Code 21 – This kind of error is also known as Print Overrun error. It occurs when the printable data is so much complex.

    Solution of Error Code 21 - To avoid this kind of problem, tap on the GO button to start printing. When you do this then, some printing data will lose. You have also set the Page Protect value to Auto and fix this error successfully.

    Error Code 13.1/2

    Cause of Error Code 13.1/2 – This kind of Error code appears when paper jam occur in Paper feed Area.

    Solution of Error Code 13.1/2 – To fix this kind of error you always put right amount of paper into the paper tray. And always use proper size paper which is compatible with printer to avoid this kind of error code problem.

    This blog will help you understand error codes and troubleshoot accordingly to fix Common HP Error codes. But if you are unable to fix the error then you can feel free to call our HP Printer customer support Number +1800-862-1908 and avail instant and satisfactory help.



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