Printer devices have become required equipment for home as well as the organization. Because today’s needs are all about innovation with quick speed. In Today’s scenario, Canon Pixma Printer has become user first choice due to its innovative features and high tech design.

    Canon Pixma Error

    But being as an electronic machine it also shows an uninvited error message. The most common error message shown by canon device is E04, E05, E14 and E15.You can fix this error by getting in touch with Canon printer customer support phone number for tech help. Or below we have mentioned its causes as well required a step to fix this error. 

    Main Cause of Canon Pixma Error E04/E05/E14/E15

    •          This kind of error code occurs when Printer device is recognising one or more of the ink cartridges inside it.

    •          The cartridge may not be inserted appropriately into Device.

    •          Excess ink or dirt on one of the cartridges which could prevent the printing machine from being able to read it effectively.

    •          If you trying to use a remanufactured cartridge. 

    Troubleshooting Steps to overcome E04/E05/E14/E15 error messages

    1.        First, you have to take out the cartridge from the device.

    2.        Properly turn off the printer.

    3.        By Using kitchen roll, carefully spread the golden chip that’s on the front of the cartridge. This is the main thing that helps the device to read a cartridge, so make sure that it’s not covered in ink or dirt.

    4.        Turn on printer back.

    5.        Finally, you have to put the ink cartridge inserted back into your machine properly. 

    Canon Printer Support Number

    For Additional world-class Support for Canon Pixma machine, you can call toll-free Canon printer customer support number 1-800-862-1908 for help. Here experts have all knowledge for how to troubleshoot error with ease by round the clock.

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  • HP printer is one of the best peripheral devices which is used for high quality printing purpose. It uses most updated technology for printing and comes with bunch of awesome features. But Apart from this user also facing some kind of problem while using HP printer. 

    Some user facing problem while installing the HP 3055 printer in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Below we mention the cause and solution of HP printer Error 2753. 

    HP Printer Error 2753 – Cause and its Solution

    Main Cause of HP Printer Error 2753

    Generally this kind of error occurs when the installation Script is not properly install these two files. 

    Pml Driver HPZ12  

    Net Driver HPZ12 

    When an improper version of these 2 files - Pml Driver HPZ12, Net Driver HPZ12 is present in the System 32 folder and the installation script is unable to overwrite them is cause of Error 2753. 

    Solution for How to fix HP Printer Error 2753 

    To fix the issue, perform the following steps carefully;

    1.    First you have to Open Windows Explorer

    2.    The search and Navigate to the System32 folder

    3.    After Navigating to the System32 Locate the HPZinw12.dll files. And HPZipm12.dll

    4.    Here you have to rename or delete these files

    5.    Finally you have to install the HP printer again.

    Sometime errors in Printer also occur when the driver of printer is outdated. Then to avoid such kind of issue you regularly update your printer and other drivers. 


    If you are using HP printer and facing such kind of Errors then follow the above listed steps carefully and troubleshoot with the HP Printer Error 2753 error. If still you are unable to fix error then call @ 1-800-862-1908 HP printer Support Phone Number for instant help.


    Source Url : https://kylieswft.wixsite.com/printersupportnumber/single-post/HP-Printer-Error-2753

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    Printer is a peripheral device which is used for printing purpose. But After sometime some kind of error occurs in printer which decreases the efficiency of printer. If you are a user of HP printer then stay stick to this post. Here you will be able to know common HP printer codes and its solutions.

    Below we mention the most common HP printer Error code and its solution:

    Code 69.x Error

    Cause of Code 69.x Error – This kind of error indicate problem of temporary printer glitch.

    Solution of Code 69.x Error -To fix this kind of error first you have to turn off your printer then again turn it on. This step will reset the software configurations and power settings and fixes the error successfully.

    Error Code 10

    Cause of Error Code 10 – This kind of error associated with Supplies Memory Error. This kind of error depends on Printer’s model.

    Solution of Error Code 10 - If you want to fix this kind of error then Turn off the printer first then turn it ON again to reset the memory as well as power settings. If After performing this step problem is persist then you have to replace the printer memory chip.

    Error Code 21

    Cause of Error Code 21 – This kind of error is also known as Print Overrun error. It occurs when the printable data is so much complex.

    Solution of Error Code 21 - To avoid this kind of problem, tap on the GO button to start printing. When you do this then, some printing data will lose. You have also set the Page Protect value to Auto and fix this error successfully.

    Error Code 13.1/2

    Cause of Error Code 13.1/2 – This kind of Error code appears when paper jam occur in Paper feed Area.

    Solution of Error Code 13.1/2 – To fix this kind of error you always put right amount of paper into the paper tray. And always use proper size paper which is compatible with printer to avoid this kind of error code problem.

    This blog will help you understand error codes and troubleshoot accordingly to fix Common HP Error codes. But if you are unable to fix the error then you can feel free to call our HP Printer customer support Number +1800-862-1908 and avail instant and satisfactory help.



    Source Url - https://www.edocr.com/v/mjkq3j7g/davidjohnson/common-hp-printer-error-codes-

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